Finally we are free again!

What are your plans for the summer?

Fly to a southern European country to relax in the sun

Did you know that a return flight to Mallorca uses about 600 kg CO2 pp, and thus makes 2 square meters of arctic ice disappear? To stop climate change, each one of us should not produce more than 2000kg CO2/year. Choose a destination you can reach by train instead. Taking the train uses 90% less CO2 and enables us to enjoy the landscape or get a good night’s sleep and wake up at the destination.

Have my friends round for juicy steaks from the barbecue

Did you know that one steak uses about 10 kg of CO2? There are lots of vegetables or meat free alternatives that can be put on the grill. Reducing or stopping our meat consumption is the most effective way to stop climate change. Just eating half as much meat would reduce CO2 emissions by a quarter. Calculate your meat footprint (CO2, water, land etc) here.

Go on a cruise to visit picturesque cities and enjoy spectacular landscapes

Did you know that in 2019, about 50 luxury cruise ships caused ten times more pollution than all of Europe's 260 million cars? Cruise ships also emit three times more CO2 than airplanes. So what is the solution? Here are some suggestions. Or how about a kayak holiday instead? You will discover the beauty of Luxembourg's rivers and countryside and come home with a sporty figure, a healthy suntan and a Zen mind. Search for kayak rental Luxembourg.

Buy new clothes to get into the summer holiday vibes

Did you know that the textile industry represents 10% of the global greenhouse gas emissions? That's more than flights and cruises combined. Our clothes come with an environmental price tag too. From its conception to the shop, a dress produces more than 50kg of CO2. Natural fibre costs even more CO2, though at least it avoids the plastic particles issue. This year, let’s choose a new style: reuse, or choose local, fair and ethical.

Finally drive around all over Europe again and enjoy post-Covid freedom

Did you know that cars have a major impact on the environment, not only through their use, but also through their construction and their eventual disposal? This is also true for electric cars. Did you know that more people die through pollution caused by cars than in car accidents? How about planning a cycling holiday instead? If you don't have a bike (yet), you can rent one or buy one as a worthwhile investment. Can't cycle? No problem, check out courses. Find out about Luxembourg’s extensive cycle path here. And this is for the really ambitious ones.